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Drinking that Security Koolaid

There’s a vendor out there that is drinking the Security Koolaid.  To the point where that I can even see the telltale sign of a red tongue and a Koolaid mustache on their mouth.  Now this isn’t a vendor that you would normally think would be drinking the Security Koolaid… and it’s certainly not the […]

It’s that time of the year again…

I can hardly wait.. it’s right around the corner… RFC day… I think this is a fav…     (3)  With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine. However, this is        not necessarily a good idea. It is hard to be sure where they        are going to land, and it could be dangerous sitting under them        […]

Let’s not isolate ourselves too much….

Subtitled… okay MBSA 2.0 is closer…but I STILL cannot consistently scan my domain worth a darn….. Okay so we already heard from a poster that he used a dll exclusion in the firewall… So we went back into our Small business server firewall settings… and clicked on “define program exceptions” And then on “Show” and […]

What’s your IMF settings?

So what’s your IMF settings? Some here are 6, archive, 2…. 5 would be better but gives a few false positives… Some are reject =6, move to junk =4 Some use the IMF archive manager….some use the one from Hello Delta airlines seems to get knocked out at 7… but putting it at 8 lets in […]

Working with Group policy

Just a nice friendly reminder… that when us non big server land people start mucking around in group policy..your first step should be to do these steps…. Go down in the group policy management console.. in that bottom section…. Right mouse click on Group Policy Objects…  Ensure you’ve clicked on “backup all” …or at least […]

Okay big server land people…..

Okay big server land people…..why isn’t there an ‘edit’ key in the Group Policy Object Editor?In the group policy…you type these GUID thingys in by hand?I mean …really… you never make mistakes when setting up group policy settings or something?  So why no edit button? You guys think typing this stuff in by hand builds character […]

MBSA 2.0… apparently none of us are using it

Brian Kruse has made a new post: re: MBSA 2.0…so what am I missing?. Ran into this myself…after going through the KB article I finally found someone’s post that led me to try the following which worked on a non-ISA system so it may or may not work with ISA.  I added an exception to […]

MBSA 2.0…so what am I missing?

MBSA 1.2….just went…scanned bam…bing done. MBSA 2.0 with the XP sp2 firewalls..even with my modfications for additional managment…either MBSA doesn’t find the machines….or when it does find them… it can’t scan the windows catalog due to firewall issues….and of course we really don’t want to turn off the firewalls at the workstations….. …and so the […]

Step one, don’t panic….

So I turned on a workstation…one that hadn’t been on in a while… and kinda forgot about it… and tonight I was checking the ISA logs to see why the MBSA 2.0 wasn’t scanning the network like it should (long story…still in investigation…stay tuned to the blog) and I realized that every minute or so […]

So you need to get a USB floppy disk on a server, do you?

A connected USB floppy disk drive does not work when you press F6 to install mass storage drivers during the Windows XP installation process: I have a server.. it has no floppy drive.  Now if I want to have SATA drives or something… I need to ensure that I can hit F6 during the […]