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Note to self… when building beta boxes stop trying to move things

Okay I give up.. I’m building another SBS sp1 base..why?  Because it failed out during the install and said it couldn’t apply SQL 2000 sp4… all because in the second screen of the “where would you like me to put your data folders and databases, I stupidly put in D:\MSSQL… not Programfiles\blah blah..but just MSSQL […]

OEMSBSDN in your error logs?

Event 1030 and event 1058 may be logged, and you may not be able to start the Group Policy snap-in on your Windows Small Business Server 2003 computer;en-us;888943&sd=dellSo you loaded up an OEM and now get a funky error about OEMSBSDN in your error logs and group policy isn’t applying…then try those steps in […]

So what do you look for in a desktop computer….

Want to know some of the things that went into the decision regarding the model of our most recent desktop computer? I bought that model because it is the business class version that installs the least amount of additional stuff, I can purchase the media for $10.. (real media not imaged restore media) and …don’t […]

OWA fix on Microsoft Update

You receive an error message when you try to perform any editing tasks, or you must click to enable the compose frame in Outlook Web Access: Coming down on Servers tonight on MU is this KB to fix an issue where in OWA 2003 you need to ‘click here to activate control’ due to […]

Well this is how my Friday morning started out….

…and being the geek that I am.. took a photo of my car and the other car with my Windows Mobile 3 Cell phone….long story short… she pulled out nose first right into traffic… I couldn’t avoid/stop fast enough. But the minor impact reminded me of … what else.. geek that I am … of disaster […]

ISA 2004 SP2 public hotfix 916106

I blogged about this earlier when it was a hotfix and we’re seeing it now when it’s a “public patch” If you have ISA 2004 sp2 and you then get offered that patch.. some machines kick a reboot.. some don’t.  And when they don’t, because the patch is not automagically restarting the services they leave the […]

Next month’s SMBTN Fresno

Will be on the topic of Vista and the month after that on Exchange…. For anyone in the area.. just send an email to if you are interested in getting the announcements.  

Shall I translate?

Shall I translate this blog post? The second Tuesday in July Windows 98, 98SE and ME are dead. To borrow a lyric from Munchkins… Morally, ethically, spritually, physically, postively, absotutely, undeniably and reliably dead….

SMBTN Fresno

Don’t forget.. Thursday at 6:30 p.m is the next meeting of SMBTN Fresno The topic is SBSC.. Small Business Specialist Certification What’s it all about Advantages What’s the buzz? WWPC and the Small Business Symposium Is it a brand?  Is it a credential? The Best Buy impact …along with top news of the month 6:30 […]

The "teenager" virus

I just got through cleaning up the “teenager” virus.Clients laptop that I was booking journal entries on their Quickbooks.  The minute the machine booted up … all sorts of lovelies…. and there on the desktop was the reason for all this scum and adware and crud… not IE.. .not Windows needing patches… and not one.. […]