Okay I give up.. I’m building another SBS sp1 base..why?  Because it failed out during the install and said it couldn’t apply SQL 2000 sp4… all because in the second screen of the “where would you like me to put your data folders and databases, I stupidly put in D:\MSSQL… not Programfiles\blah blah..but just MSSQL and our wizard install obviously didn’t like it.. so now.. I’m putting the entire thing on one stupid giant partition and just letting all the defaults put everything on C:

When wizards work ..it’s great.  When they don’t warn you ahead of time what they are expecting… you end up with me venting and ranting out here like this.

The gang says they flatten OEMs and reinstall them …if for nothing else to ensure that they can truly restore from stratch in case of a disaster because there are times that the drivers are not on the cdroms, so they need to know exactly ‘how’ to restore.

But.. I tell ya.. right about now… a 15 minute OEM install would look REALLY nice.. ’cause I’m having to start ALL over again to get a base of a SBS sp1 just so I can start the process of testing things it getting real old.. real fast.  I just wasted today’s build and have to start over because if my foundation isn’t installing correctly, there’s no use doing any more testing on top of a bad baseline.

Normally we say that you need to install three times… but installing three times isn’t exactly what I planned to do tonight… I mean after all ..Grey’s Anatomy is on next.

Event 1030 and event 1058 may be logged, and you may not be able to start the Group Policy snap-in on your Windows Small Business Server 2003 computer http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;888943&sd=dell

So you loaded up an OEM and now get a funky error about OEMSBSDN in your error logs and group policy isn’t applying…then try those steps in that KB for resolution.

While many in SBSland would advise you to flatten that OEM and start over.. I’d honestly like to get that OEM install to be better so that the vars/vaps will trust it.  As a person today who had to restart a base install of SBS 2003 sp1 because of moving drive locations screwed up the server tools, feeding cdroms to load up SBS is not fun, nor entertaining and gets old after a while.

A DVD would be grand.

An OEM install that we trusted even better.

Want to know some of the things that went into the decision regarding the model of our most recent desktop computer?

I bought that model because it is the business class version that installs the least amount of additional stuff, I can purchase the media for $10.. (real media not imaged restore media) and …don’t laugh… the top of the mini tower is flat, and the usb slots on the front are not insanely and stupidly under a trap door like thing that you have to crawl on your hands and knees to put the usbcable in.

Besides the fact that it’s got sata drives and all that.. the fact that the top of the minitower was flat was a reason we got that model….

I kid you not….  😉

BTW I understand that this isn’t 100% effective.. http://www.yorkspace.com/dell-de-crapifier/ but it’s interesting nonetheless

You receive an error message when you try to perform any editing tasks, or you must click to enable the compose frame in Outlook Web Access:

Coming down on Servers tonight on MU is this KB to fix an issue where in OWA 2003 you need to ‘click here to activate control’ due to the Eolas patch.

… you might not want to during the middle of the day as well as it temporarily stops Exchange…

W3SVC service is Stop Pending.

This service provides Web connectivity and administration through the Internet Information Services snap-in.

For more information about this event, see the event logs on the server computer. You can restart this service by using the View Services task in the Server Management Monitoring and Reporting taskpad.

You can disable this alert by using the Change Alert Notifications task.

Kind regards,


…and being the geek that I am.. took a photo of my car and the other car with my Windows Mobile 3 Cell phone….long story short… she pulled out nose first right into traffic… I couldn’t avoid/stop fast enough.

But the minor impact reminded me of … what else.. geek that I am … of disaster recovery…

Lessons learned today

  • Have your documentation in one place for your software, hardware, know what systems you have, serial numbers, etc. — when you are ever so slightly a bit scattered after the event… you’ll probably be a smidge flustered… ensure that you keep key information in a spot that you know where that is, in the case of the car accident, that’s License, registration, insurance, etc.
  • Ensure that there is someone less flustered on hand to help you through the disaster — no matter how old you are.. I still called Dad when the event occurred (he lives not that far away) and he had the presence of mind to remind me that I carry with me a cell phone that has a camera.  Great for documenting in just these situations.

Now what this event can’t do for disaster.. but I’ve heard Brian Desmond talk about before.. is make sure you test your DR processes.. because when the real disaster occurs you will be slightly flustered. So make sure you’ve tested restoring a server and make notes along the way.  These days with VPC/VMware/Vserver being free, there’s no reason not to fire up and do a test restore. Sometimes you have to see the screens to understand what is going on.

So do a little planning.. because when the real DR hits… don’t be like me and flustered on a Friday morning…

P.S…. damage is only the bumper and the headlight.. on the personal front, a little soreness on the right side from tensing, turning the wheel trying to avoid the car….but fortunately no whiplash…

I blogged about this earlier when it was a hotfix and we’re seeing it now when it’s a “public patch”


If you have ISA 2004 sp2 and you then get offered that patch.. some machines kick a reboot.. some don’t.  And when they don’t, because the patch is not automagically restarting the services they leave the IIS sites not running and thus your email is not working and companyweb is not functional until you restart the services.

After you get this patch applied.. check the services…. or reboot…

I’m still not sure why some boxes are rebooting and some are not.

Don’t forget.. Thursday at 6:30 p.m is the next meeting of SMBTN Fresno

The topic is SBSC.. Small Business Specialist Certification

  • What’s it all about

  • Advantages

  • What’s the buzz?

  • WWPC and the Small Business Symposium

  • Is it a brand?  Is it a credential?

  • The Best Buy impact

…along with top news of the month

6:30 p.m. at the Fresno Airport Holiday Inn in the Sequoia Room

See you there!

I just got through cleaning up the “teenager” virus.

Clients laptop that I was booking journal entries on their Quickbooks.  The minute the machine booted up … all sorts of lovelies…. and there on the desktop was the reason for all this scum and adware and crud… not IE.. .not Windows needing patches… and not one.. but two peer to peer file sharing programs…. when you visited their home pages WARNED you that you might be infected, nailed with spyware and other stuff.

This was a nice, clean pristine laptop not 2 months ago.

Would Firefox or any other software protected this machine?

Are we to blame because we in the tech world want everything “for free”?  Yup… and that “for free” comes with a high price.


Read that.. now tell me… why would anyone in their right mind want that on their computer?  And why do we then wonder why our computers can’t be protected.. .because we can’t make the proper judgements when the software even warns us in black and white that we’re going to be up a creek without a paddle if we install it.