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Apple security listserve

Okay when they build a security listserve for ya… you know it’s beginning to be a target… Objective The Focus-Apple mailing list discusses security involving hardware and software produced by Apple or that runs on Apple platforms.  Discussion may include security assessment, planning, and implementation for Apple technologies. This list is meant as an aid to […]

So we’re not going to be getting on the network with that box…

So I’m rebuilding an OEM machine… and feeding it the drivers because the OS does not see the NIC card from the Dell site …  and I realize that not only can’t this machine not see the nic cards.. the C: drive isn’t a C: drive. Now THAT is annoying, isn’t it?  That whenever there’s a […]

Buffer Overrun error may occur when CRM 3.0 is installed on Microsoft Small Business Server 2003

915343 – Buffer Overrun error may occur when CRM 3.0 is installed on Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 Okay so the hotfix I was attempting to call for last night… I got today… and while I’m not running CRM 3.0.. I wanted to see if the patch was available via the “call PSS/CSS, hit the […]

At least the hold music isn’t bad…

… so I’m calling for a hotfix.. and I’m insanely calling on a Monday late night…and I’ve yet to talk to a human yet just to tell them all I want is a hotfix…. so far I’m starting to memorize “Do you know there are free technical events in my area?”  Visit …and yes […]

What access does Remote Web Workplace Give you?

In the newsgroups over the weekend… a thread about RWW came up …and I wanted to visually show everyone the difference between when you log into Remote Web Workplace as a domain admin (Which you should ensure that you set up an additional admin account and use this when remoting in just to be paranoid) […]

Do you know the guy who was killed by Microsoft Bob?

Okay so I’m dying to show folks my … uh… oh I can’t say it…this is going to drive me insane to keep it secret until the middle of June of what those “Tech Ed” inspired shirts look like… but I can show you these Tshirts that I’ve put together in the meantime …… […]

You know I never was good at waiting for Christmas either

..okay so I had this logo done by Curtis at and well.. it turned out reallllly cute.  You see they are … oh rats … I can’t tell you that because that will give the secret away.  And I will put the link up here after the rest of the gang see the shirt logo…but […]

The PaperClip Project

Tolerance.  Acceptance. You know I try not to be too political in the blog.. I mean it’s supposed to be for tech notes and what not… but this weekend is the American holiday of Memorial Day where we pay tribute to Veterans of American Wars…and on the TV they’ve got several themed movies playing today.  […]

For all those wanting to use Blogjet to post to their blogs

Look at this link…. it now works and the instructions you need are shown..

Testing BlogJet

I have installed an interesting application – BlogJet. It’s a cool Windows client for my blog tool (as well as for other tools). Get your copy here: “Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination.” — Albert Einstein Yes.. I am in […]