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Patching Podcast has been uploaded for your listening pleasure

… and if anyone has any issues hearing me while mowing their lawn…just holler….a short 6 minute podcast on security patching news in the SBS world|2&t=6736 06-025 re-released but unless you are seeing issues.. don’t repatch is the biggie…

Susanne and Community at the Small Biz Symposium

You going to Boston for the World Wide Partner Conference?  If you are make sure you give Susanne Dansey a big HI! She’ll be in Boston at the Small Business Symposium giving a talk on Community…  How and what the UK & Irish community is Successes so far from the UK & Irish community (impressive […]

So that’s what Dana’s been up to…

So Dana Epp already worked on and came out with a ISA tool that really adds a ton of better reporting to my ISA server… but he blogged about what he’s working on next…the answer to my ‘risk’ question from yesterday…he’s working on a two factor plug in for RWW… that looks really cool…

If you are looking at the blog from the web site… I’ve gone to girly pink

…and I need to also disclose how the “SBS Diva” started.. you see I was helping David Coursey out with his SBS 2003 server and in a review he called me the “SBS Diva” and well it just stuck… so since we just added some new blog skins.. I decided to redecorate with a smidge […]

Sydi updates – VERY cool network documentation tools

I’ve used this tool before and it’s really cool.. and I forgot to blog that it’s been updated…check it out! You can download SYDI-Server 2.0 from the SYDI website: Post on his blog concerning this release:…and Patrick knows me too well…

Service pack 3 for SBA 2006 and BCM

Service Pack 3 for SBA/BCMThis service pack provides the latest updates to Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager Update.;en-us;920115(and is it just me or is that KB blank?… okay now it’s resolving as it should.. must have been sunspots or something)Okay do I need more […]

Needing more options for patching tools?

So you want to start a patch management process…but you don’t think your micro biz clients will install R2? Check out this info from Shavlik—- Microsoft updated their guidance today concerning support for MBSA and customers running legacy Operating systems and applications (iow, all the systems not supported by WSUS). Microsoft posted this guidance on the […]

To /3 gig or not to /3 gig revisited

The Official SBS Blog : Using the /3GB Switch with SBS 2003: posts the SBSized answer to “do we use the /3 gig or not?” on our SBS boxes. Okay so now that that religious argument is now on a blog…. now what to we do to entertain ourselves for a Friday?

The real misconception about WGA

Earlier today there was chatter about the impact of WGA.. Windows Genuine Advantage… and how we didn’t like the fact that Microsoft deemed the “piracy patch” as a critical patch, and when it failed, it had security implications because the computer user would disable automatic updates. Already there’s been a lawsuit filed against WGA.. and […]

Solution Selling online

I think this is the thing that Dave (from the SBSShow) talked about that he really liked…. Microsoft Solution Selling for Partners Online: The MS solution selling training… and it looks like it’s only $60 for the training. Check it out… When finished, users will be able to: Identify and diagnose customer critical business […]