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While we’re in the "this sucks" mode… Chris added a lot of class to the SBSshow. We bonded over SBS, Sharepoint and licensing….. and just because I won’t hear him as often as I did before…doesn’t mean he’s not still a vital member of the SBS community…. it’s still sucky nonetheless….his silver tongue added so much to the show.

Another Sucky Friday

Fridays suck.  They really really do this year… I’ll give you examples: We tend to get into the “we hate R2″ on Fridays On a Friday it was announced that SBS 2003 R2 was recalled …and in a moment of unfortunate timing… on the same Friday Dr. J announced he was leaving Microsoft Tomorrow also sucks. […]

Finding out what breaks..

Tomorrow night is “Vista joining the SBS domain” night in the ol’ network and I need to see what stuff doesn’t work with Vista and Office 2007 in my office… I said I was going to do this before but didn’t get around to it…. and today on Sean’s blog is the “how to […]

Okay so Shadow copies on a usb drive are not a good idea…..

–update– we’re hearing more reports of “froze” grey screen servers… hang loose for more details.. a reboot that takes a longggg time appears to clear it up…. Event Type: WarningEvent Source: NtfsEvent Category: NoneEvent ID: 50Date:  8/31/2006Time:  8:01:04 PMUser:  N/AComputer: DOMAINDescription:{Delayed Write Failed} Windows was unable to save all the data for the file . The data has been lost. This error may […]

"A better place to get ripped off" – Buy Cheap Software Discount Sale Small Business Server Premium PG: To whom it may concern at VioSoftware: Just a little hint here… there is a suggested retail price for SBS 2003 and when the price is much lower than it should be, I smell a rat. Knock it off.  It’s vendors like […]

Can SBS work in more than one location?

Hi susan   Please advice us on the best possible solution for this scenario.   Currently we have only one office in B__. We are running SBS 2003 on our network. We use windows authentication extensively and also exchange for email. Right now we are not using Sharepoint server at all. All clients are Windows […]

More Security Docs of interest Gain valuable information on how to monitor the overall security level of an environment and the security level for existing equipment. Learn about the challenges, needs, and solutions associated with protecting a network environment from unmanaged clients. This security guidance provides information about how to automatically notify and/or disable distrusted systems when they […]

RWW-Guard – I’m in love

Okay so I started testing RWW-Guard from Dana and I’m in love…. you can do staged paranoia… you can track log ins into RWW (but not log outs…but it’s better than we have now), it will ultimately provide a two factor authentication for RWW and even if you don’t use it on all accounts (you […]

What can you take onboard the plane to SMBnation?

As a veteran from traveling the other day… Laptops can go on board Gels and liquids need to be checked Contact lens solution of less than 4 ounces can go on board RXs of a small liquid amount can go on board Liquid makeup must be checked Liquid mascara must be checked Solid deodorant can […]

So ya wanna control all your printers?

So here you are an IT admin and you want to control all your printers in one place…. so how do you do that remotely? Well one way if you have a member server is to upgrade it to the R2 platform.  There is a Print Management console that you can then control not only […]