Upgrading to SQL 2005 workgroup from SQL 2000

When upgrading from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 workgroup there's a couple of things you should read up ahead of time… the first being the "official" upgrade guide. the second is the "Susan" version of the document that just covers the needed steps for upgrading SQL 2000 to SQL 2005.

Extracting the XML files using the 'cab' method is much easier than typing in the command to extract (the first time I did it I obviously typed in the command wrong).

But if you are planning an upgrade, print out both documents 'and' the KBs and you'll be in good shape for the upgrade… uh…. just don't follow my lead and lock your car/office keys in the server room…that's not exactly a best practice I'd recommend to follow….

Things Susan learned while blowing up her server on a Friday night

First off… just to let everyone know that one can change themes on a Sharepoint that's backended by SQL 2005 as is evidenced by this view:  http://www.sbslinks.com/shareview.htm.  There was a question in the newsgroup that pointed to a old blog post where someone said you couldn't.  As you can see from there.. I can. 

But you have to hear the rest of the story of how I spent my Friday night….and here's how NOT to party ..

Okay so first off just a reminder that you need to review the documentation on the web for upgrading SQL 2000 to 2005… http://download.microsoft.com/download/4/0/8/40860507-c351-4308-a876-e1b83ee4e77a/sqlinstallsteps.htm and in particular pay attention to the section that tells you to review this KB article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/918767/ 

When you are reading that article…make sure the thoughts that go through your brain are not 'just' that WSUS will stop functioning.. which .. hey it's not a Patching night anyway…who cares… but that when you are running ISA Server 2004 with a msde database that it will stop to function….and not only that …that it will see the failure in logging as not a good thing and go into server lockdown mode.

Uh huh… you can see it coming can't you?  The Blonde moment dead ahead.

Oh but wait… you gotta here what else I did…. oh it gets better…

You see.. earlier in the day I had gone into the server room (the one with the lock and the deadbolt you know) and had gotten the cdroms out from the room and taken them back to my office to read the readmes like a good little geek should so Marina would have been proud of me…and I left my office keys in the server room.

So….. 5 p.m comes and the folks at the office pack up …and our dutiful secretary does exactly what she has been told to do religiously every night is to lock the server room door (oh yeah… you see what's coming next… don't you? The truly blonde moment of the evening)

So… I'm in my office about an hour later when I start uninstalling SQL 2000 and I stupidly forgot to flip the ISA to a flat file logging before uninstalling SQL 2000 as the migration instructions don't really wack me upside the face that once I mess up msde for WSUS….. it's also going to mess up ISA.  So there I am uninstalling SQL 2000 and I go to confirm that WSUS doesn't work as the instructions say.  Which it doesn't as I expected.  All of a suddent my IM shuts down (I'm doing this via a TS session at my desktop …not in the server room) and all of a sudden the brain kicks in and I realize that ISA has just gone into lockdown mode… so not only is the Internet dead…but I've just lost TS access to the box.  Rats.  No problem.. It's just ISA not being able to connect to the database… I'll just go to the server room and log in physically to the server and flip the database to file and I'll be back and running again…as soon as I find my office keys which are…….

…..uh…. they are….. uh… 

….. oh yeah….

……locked in the server room…. uh huh…. yeah.

So fortunately I have Outlook in cached mode … oh yeah because the network is like dead… to look up a fellow office mate in Outlook to come back…unlock the server room so I can get my office/car keys.

Okay so one set of office keys later… we are in the server, logged into the physical box which of course is just chugging along happy as a clam and we flip the logging databases of ISA to file and restart the Firewall service which of course stopped.

One delayed migration/upgrade later… we have a Sharepoint who's now backended on SQL 2005 workgroup… 

(make sure you read the follow up exact "how to")

Migrating from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005

Migrate a SHAREPOINT Instance of SQL Server 2000

The steps to migrate the SHAREPOINT SQL Server 2000 instance are nearly identical to the steps to migrate the SHAREPOINT WMSDE instance to SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition. Use the following procedure to migrate the SHAREPOINT SQL Server 2000 instance to SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition.

To migrate the SHAREPOINT SQL Server 2000 instance to SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition

  1. Complete the procedure "To prepare the http://companyweb Web site," earlier in this document. Note that you must uninstall SQL Server 2000 by using Add or Remove Programs, not WMSDE.

    Before you uninstall SQL Server 2000, review Article 920899 in the Microsoft KnowledgeBase (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=68562). The article addresses known issues with uninstalling SQL Server 2000 with Service Pack 4.



  2. Complete the procedure "To create the SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition SHAREPOINT instance," earlier in this document, to complete a new installation of SQL Server 2005 for Windows SharePoint Services.

  3. Complete the procedure "To configure permissions for the new SHAREPOINT instance of SQL Server 2005".

  4. If you are installing the Dutch, Swedish, or Portuguese (Brazil) versions of Windows SBS 2003 R2 Premium Edition, complete the procedure "Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), or Swedish installations only," earlier in this document. Otherwise, skip this step.

  5. Complete the procedure "To attach the database files to the new SHAREPOINT instance of SQL Server 2005."

  6. If you enabled full-text searching for Windows SharePoint Services when you upgraded the SHAREPOINT WMSDE to SQL Server 2000, you do not have to enable it again after migrating to SQL Server 2005. If you did not enable full-text searching previously, follow the steps provided in the procedure "To turn on full-text search in Windows SharePoint Services," earlier in this document.

I was looking all over the cdrom for that section that talks about upgrading SQL 2000 sharepoint to SQL 2005 workgroup and I couldn't find it…. well it's because it's not on the cdrom version and it's only on the web one….I kept going… okay I KNOW there was a section about SQL 2000 to SQL 2005….where is it?  Just a reminder… don't always rely on the cdrom versions of the instructions…. click on the link that says "click here for the latest version" and make sure you have the latest instructions.

Another day… another mitigation

New advisory —

Group policy once again to the rescue —

Here we are again, Patch Tuesday not yet in sight, a security issue…. and thanks to Dr. J we have a new Group Policy solution to protect us.

Without patches… NOT without options…..

WGA and need to change a product key?


If you have a box that needs a product key changed to make it WGA compliant, the System Builder guys point to a WGA tool website.

(and I still down know what was in that WGA update, yesterday, do you?)

The Sky is falling Podcast

The "Sky is Falling" Podcast is up for the month — 

Resources for the Podcast this month:


SBS in a home?


You betcha!  I have it here and use it as my test bed for many things.

Check it out!  Pretty cool!


Check out Dr. J's (one of the authors) take on SBS in a home

Quickbooks and Networking

The other day on one of the listserves, the question came up about finetuning networking in Quickbooks. 


First off start there… as it's the best place to ensure that you are following the latest and greatest networking guidance… next, make sure you are the latest version of Quickbooks.  The early versions were a little rough around the edges but you need the latest for the best networking experience.

There's a specific help document to help speed up and identify performance as well.

Now then in the latest Quckbooks Pro Advisor there was even better news… for the 2007 version there will be a new install option:

Three Options to Cover Most Environments – in Plain English

When installing QuickBooks: Premier and Pro 2007 (and Enterprise Solutions 7.0), an improved installation routine will guide the user through several choices. In clear language, easy for colleagues and clients to understand, the interview helps the user choose the installation that's right for the environment.

In addition to a Standard Installation (for a single machine) and a Multi-User Installation (for networked machines), the software provides for a Server-Only Installation. The Server-Only Installation enables you to access QuickBooks files on a data file server without installing or running the full QuickBooks application.

New QuickBooks Database Server Manager

To support networked accountants and bookkeepers with multiple client files, the new QuickBooks Database Server Manager can run in the background to find and track unassociated QuickBooks files. Use of the manager in this way will remove the need for manual processes or iterative running of a separate utility.

Detailed Network Installation Instructions to Be Posted by October 2. As this issue goes to press, we are completing detailed network installation instructions to update our network site for QuickBooks 2007 at http://www.quickbooks.com/support/networking/ . Check back at this site when you receive your copy of QuickBooks 2007 before your installation or assisting clients to do their installation.

…this is very cool:

No more "credit card" offers on the desktop of our servers.  Very nice!

Communication 101

As a customer, as a consumer, as a shareholder I expect a certain level of communication.  And today during the 06-055 Security webcast I received a "communication" that the WGA tool was updated.  Mind you this is a "non security update" being discussed in a Security webcast.

Earlier this month I went to a presentation on business communication… and talking about the 'critical communication' that sometimes gets lost when one person expects one kind of communication and gets delivered another.  This is a prime example of a loss of "critical communication".  I expected a blog post on the WGA blog for this kind of update occurred.  There is none.  While I don't expect to see such an announcment on the WGA forums, given the past outcry over this piracy tool, as a shareholder of Microsoft I hope someone up there learned from the lack of communication in the past to better communicate in the future.

Lessons to learn:

  • Learn from your past mistakes here and tell us ahead of time that a WGA update will occur, what it's doing and what to expect.
  • Don't have it as a bullet point on an Out of Band Security Patch webcast (it's not a security update, is it?)  If I had not attended for the 06-055 bulletin issues, the first way I would know is seeing an update on a system under my control.  Just like I've bugged in the past to the WSUS folks.. I should not have to go to the computer to see what patches will be there.. I should be informed ahead of time so that I know what to expect and it's more of an 'audit' process.

As someone who has stock in this company called Microsoft, all I respectfully ask as a Shareholder, is that someone takes a moment to post to a blog.  I expected that they had learned the lesson of communication the last time the WGA hit the you know what.  Apparently they didn't.  Or perhaps my expectations of where the communication would be regarding a WGA update was wrong.  I was hoping that the WGA blog or forum would be a communications vehicle to better prevent this lack of communication.  Maybe my expectations are wrong?  I don't know.

What I do know is that I don't accept the "we don't have the bandwidth" excuse that I'll get sometimes.  I have the bandwidth to test patches and deploy them in my network, I have the bandwidth to beta test stuff, I have the bandwidth to help Microsoft make a better product.  You, the company of Microsoft has the fundamental responsibility to communicate to me in cases like this.  I understand the issues of limited resources even in a large company… but communication is a fundamental tool that cannot and should not be overlooked by any organization.  I now have to find the bandwidth to go to machines to figure out who's getting offered up WGA and why so that when I get questions about it, I am ready to communicate.

Without "critical communication" at the appropriate time, things can become critical.

Communication.  It's part of being human.  We all need to do more of it. 

No more mascara rants

To all blog readers:

You will be happy to know that there will be no more airline rants about the fact that I cannot take mascara in carry on luggage.


From now on I can.

(Sister and I were joking this morning …we could just see a SNL skit where the plane was overtaken by a bunch of women and their Maybeline Great Lash… "back off.. I have Waterproof")

…okay so we're a little sick…