If you are seeing multiple Event ID 3008 from MSExchangeTransport, it's being discussed in the sbs2k list as possible impact from spammers.


Just to let you know … you are not alone if you are seeing this…..

Update – Durf reports that it appears to be a spam blast that occured on Tues/Wed


2 Thoughts on “If you are seeing Multiple Event ID 3008 from MSExchangeTransport

  1. Zero. Our spam protection (ORF) must be doing it’s job?

  2. Let me preface my comment by saying I know Susan, that you’re not to blame on what I’m about to complain about…so don’t take it personally.

    WTF is with Yahoo groups that you can’t read a freakin post without JOINING THE GROUP? That’s bush league on Yahoo’s part. What exactly is the need for secrecy?

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