More folks brought up on Piracy charges

At Microsoft, we are committed to continuing to file enforcement actions against unscrupulous resellers who distribute counterfeit or infringing software or software components at the expense of legitimate channel partners. We have just filed another 20 lawsuits against companies in September for allegedly pre-installing hard-disk loaded or counterfeit Microsoft software on new PCs.
Additionally, new forensic analysis has quantified the danger to computer users with counterfeit disks of Microsoft Windows XP.
Of the 348 disks studied*:

  • One third of the counterfeit copies analyzed could not be installed on a computer
  • Over 40% had additional programs, or binary code, that are not part of genuine Microsoft Windows®

Now more than ever it’s critical to purchase Microsoft software from a genuine source, and to know how to tell the real thing from a fake. To learn more about these cases and how to tell if your software is genuine, click here.

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