Quickbooks and Networking

The other day on one of the listserves, the question came up about finetuning networking in Quickbooks. 


First off start there… as it's the best place to ensure that you are following the latest and greatest networking guidance… next, make sure you are the latest version of Quickbooks.  The early versions were a little rough around the edges but you need the latest for the best networking experience.

There's a specific help document to help speed up and identify performance as well.

Now then in the latest Quckbooks Pro Advisor there was even better news… for the 2007 version there will be a new install option:

Three Options to Cover Most Environments – in Plain English

When installing QuickBooks: Premier and Pro 2007 (and Enterprise Solutions 7.0), an improved installation routine will guide the user through several choices. In clear language, easy for colleagues and clients to understand, the interview helps the user choose the installation that's right for the environment.

In addition to a Standard Installation (for a single machine) and a Multi-User Installation (for networked machines), the software provides for a Server-Only Installation. The Server-Only Installation enables you to access QuickBooks files on a data file server without installing or running the full QuickBooks application.

New QuickBooks Database Server Manager

To support networked accountants and bookkeepers with multiple client files, the new QuickBooks Database Server Manager can run in the background to find and track unassociated QuickBooks files. Use of the manager in this way will remove the need for manual processes or iterative running of a separate utility.

Detailed Network Installation Instructions to Be Posted by October 2. As this issue goes to press, we are completing detailed network installation instructions to update our network site for QuickBooks 2007 at http://www.quickbooks.com/support/networking/ . Check back at this site when you receive your copy of QuickBooks 2007 before your installation or assisting clients to do their installation.

…this is very cool:

No more "credit card" offers on the desktop of our servers.  Very nice!

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