RDPing from an Admin to a non User

From the mailbox today a question about RDP and non admin…

I can RDP from an external network to the SBS2003 SP1 server without a
problem.  From the server I will go to the computer (Server Manager) or
the run command line to connect to any XP computer on the network.  At
this point I can connect to any workstation using the Domain Admin
account, however after logging off and trying to connect again with a non-
admin user it displays “you do not have access to logon to this
session”.  If I reboot the workstation and login first with the non-admin
user it works fine

Logoff and login with the admin user OK. Logoff as
admin and logging again with the non-admin and the same error displays. 
Any ideas?

What you have to do is make sure that when you are RDPing as admin ..that you remember to "logout" and not just close the session that we are just used to doing.  Once the Admin does a true log out..then the non admin will be able to log in.

I can RWW with non admin account as long as the account as Remote Desktop user rights.. and I'm not talking about on the server mind you..but on the workstation itself.  Go into control panel, then user, and make that non admin a remote desktop user so RWW will work like a champ ….even without administrator rights on the desktop.

2 Thoughts on “RDPing from an Admin to a non User

  1. Ah…but if for some reason that user does not have RWW on the workstation and I log on as Admin (remotely) and try to up them to have Remote rights it fails.

    But if while I’m in the office I remember and try to up their rights by logging on locally as Admin no problem…


  2. After i loggin as an admin I made sure that i logged off (admin) and not disconnect. For some reason happends everytime. Unless i reboot the machine a non-admin will not be able to loggind to the WS. BTW the same behavior is from RWW.

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