The SBS and Centro Community Lead Blog : So, what is "Centro" you ask………..?:

From now on Tuesday is officially Centro day of the week…. so want to give feedback on the "mid market" server?  Here's your chance to be involved on the beta…but keep in mind that it will need 3 64 bit "servers" (I use the term loosely as you could have overgrown workstations, or try to set up some ESX virtualization (but right now I was talking with Brian Desmond and this sounds a bit expensive).  This issue I have is that I only have one machine at this time that is 64 bit ready and it's my MCE at home running 32 bit and I'm quite frankly getting a smidge tired of blowing up boxes that are that nice.  Most of my 'play toys' are 32 bit which I don't mind blowing up.  I still need to see if I can get a dual boot of Longhorn on there and not blow anything up.

I think I'll have to bow out of Centro testing and see if I can set something up for SBS/Longhorn testing as that I can probably get away with a lesser box for that one.

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