Joe wants Apple to be more secure.  I just want it to allow me to stick movies or song on it from two different worksations.  I have a laptop.  When my sister and I are on the road, it's my laptop that get's taken.  She has a computer at home.  That's the one the Ipod is sync'd to.  And so when we go on the road and she want a new movie or something for her Ipod I can't buy it on mine and sync to her Ipod.  And isn't that what movable media is all about.  Why can't I sync it to her device especially if I've used her itunes account to buy it with?  I'm not sticking it on multiple workstations.. I just want to stick it on her ipod and yet the only way is to totally erase everything on that ipod and resync all over again making a new partnership.  That's dumb.

It's similar to Outlook's annoyance where it prefers only one profile and you have to use third party programs to get it to use multiple 'send froms'. 

Firms… let me be agile… send from anywhere… sync to my device…. make multiple partnerships…. it's dumb that you are making me so restrictive.

2 Thoughts on “Itunes sync from one location is dumb

  1. Graeme Smith on October 28, 2006 at 6:58 pm said:

    As told to me by Apple iPod support (off the record) as I tried to recover a client’s music from a dead hard drive (which I did) and put it on another (which is not allowed),,,,,…

    Sniff around – all is possible!……

  2. Garrett on November 3, 2006 at 12:02 pm said:

    Actually I think this is possible with iTunes 7. Dock the ipod on the computer you want to transfer the purchased movie from right hand click on the ipod once it’s connected transfer purchases. As long as you don’t associate the entire library you should be able to transfer purchased songs/videos to and from the ipod.

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