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Updated documents are available at the following location:


Two of these documents are now updated:

  • QuickBooks 2007 Network Installation Guide [updated v. 1.1] provides step-by-step instructions for almost all configurations and is aimed at the typical user or accounting professional. [PDF, 1.1 MB.]
  • Technical White Paper: Configuring QuickBooks 2007 on a Network [updated v. 1.1] provides FAQs, troubleshooting hints, and additional technical background for office managers and information technology administrators. [PDF, 238 KB.]

Step-by-step instructions for all three installations appear in the Network Installation Guide currently available for download at


Frequently asked questions, troubleshooting tips, and more technical information appear in the Technical White Paper currently available for download at


If you are currently working with QuickBooks 2006 in a networked environment, or if you have clients using QuickBooks 2006 in a networked environment, you will want to know what is new in QuickBooks 2007. In addition to cleaner installation routines, there are now more tools to help you manage QuickBooks data over a network, especially including a new QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

The following questions are taken from the Technical White Paper referenced above.

In QuickBooks 2007, does the Database Server Manager eliminate the need to open every new data file on the server before you can access it across the network?

Yes, the QuicKBooks Database Server Manager will automatically detect when new files are added or created.  You don’t need to manually run the QuickBooks Database Server Manager again and again. (In contrast, the utility we released for QuickBooks 2006 required you to manually run the utility or to use Windows Scheduling to schedule it to run on a regular basis.)

In QuickBooks 2007, do you still need to have Power User or Administrator permissions to run QuickBooks?

No, you can now run QuickBooks from a local machine with standard level user permissions.  However, in order for the Database Server Manager to run, you concurrently need to be logged in as administrator on the machine that is hosting QuickBooks company files. We are actively researching this situation. 

Will QuickBooks 2007 still need to create .ND files for each company file?

Yes.  An .ND file is created to establish a proper connection between the QuickBooks data file and the database server.  This occurs as a result of the new, more robust database technology implemented in QuickBooks 2006.  QuickBooks 2007 will install a Database Server Manager designed to automatically detect when new QuickBooks files are created or added to that machine and create a .ND file.

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  1. Phil Barry on November 2, 2006 at 5:11 pm said:

    Anybody for a class action against Intuit for publishing incorrect installation instructions? I’ve wasted hours because Intuit won’t put out instructions that match their product.

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