Office Genuine Advantage

WGA is now becoming WGA and OGA and VGA …that's Windows Genuine Advantage, Office Genuine and Vista Genuine… The server newsletter has more details The gang is wondering when MGA and UGA will kick in… "Mouse genuine advantage" and "User Genuine Advantage".  You know … unless you are a REAL end user… you won't get activated 😉

I understand the need for a company to ensure that people are not ripping off their intellectual property, but I still don't get how or why Microsoft is (in my opinion) handling this badly…. "quietly disclosing" shouldn't be something that you are doing with your partners.  They need to know where to go for help when there are issues.  And down here in my space, I don't have a PAM… and just got a call the other day (I was out of the office) from my SBSC "T-PAM".

So folks…. get ready for OGA….

One Thought on “Office Genuine Advantage

  1. Susan, If you realize what’s going on here in China (and I believe also many other countries), you will understand why Microsoft is doing this…

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