Getting rid of the critters

Okay so for the past couple of weeks we've had this little bugs that we've been chasing around the kitchen…. and tonight we found the infestation.  And it showcases how just like in technology if we'd keep up to date, not keep old stuff around and proactively monitor things, we'd not have bugs.

You see we got bugs in these really old Christmas gifts of food… well food for our dog… dog biscuits that could be baked…. and we'd left them in the back of the cupboard … unattended, not monitored for so long…that when we finally figured out the source of the bugs we threw not only them away…. but all the other boxes of stuff that the bugs had gotten into.

If we'd been better housekeepers (or bakers.. one of the two) we wouldn't have had this issue.  If we'd found the infection when it first started, we'd not be throwing out half our baking supplies… some of them that we do use… I mean who knew bugs liked cornstarch.. I have to buy cornstarch now.

The geek angle to this story?

Keep up to date, monitor the age of your machines, keep an eye on things… so that you don't have to end up throwing out the computer equivalent of the pantry stuff we threw out tonight.

One Thought on “Getting rid of the critters

  1. DUIT Dale on October 29, 2006 at 1:02 pm said:

    Hi Susan,

    I was recently at an actual working old style water grinding mill recently (most photographed thing in WV) and learned about something that may scare you but it explains your story. The mill is run by the State of West Virginia’s Park Service at Babcock S.P. and the guy/ranger who opened it up explained all the things he was doing to the small group who were touring the site. As he vacuumed up the room in a maticulous manner before the start of his day, he said that it was necessary due to prevent problems with rodents and bugs. Specifically he said that grain contains within in it the larvae of bugs and if left alone at a warm enough temperature they would hatch. This was why people stored food stuff in a below ground cellar in days of old. The bug being discussed was something called a weavel or at least that is what it sounded like. The guy even explained that packaged food if left alone long enough may still have living larvae hatch. That was kinda a fear factoid of the trip. 🙂

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