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The Easy Button These step-by-step guides provide instructions for deploying or migrating to Windows Vista. These guides also describe how to configure security, monitor performance, and manage printers. Today someone said to me something along the lines of “you know, Vista will have security flaws, but it’s more robust than prior operating systems”.  And I had to […]

Saving the password

So the comment was that the bad thing about the RDP version 6 is that you couldn’t save the credentials like you did before… but it’s been my experience you can?  All I do is click the checkbox that says “Remember my password” and it does.  So if you want to save it like before… just […]

Yes Mac’s will get a RDP update too Microsoft is also developing a new version of its Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client software, which enables Mac users to access Windows PCs on their network. “The next version of RDC will be released as a fully supported free product and details on this release will be shared closer to launch,” stated Microsoft. The […]

Firewall communities

I was listening to a Community 2.0 webcast today on how companies are looking to embrace/expand communities and one thing that I don’t think I’ve identified is the communities of things that a lot of SBSers install… and that’s firewalls.  One of them is obviously ISAserver and the community can be found at but […]

Putting Companyweb back when you didn’t read the whitepaper

So if you didn’t read the real white paper to do the side by side WSS 3.0 install… ya might want to read this one: edwalt’s – Things I Wish I’d known about Small Business Server…… : Removing WSS 3.0 Companyweb Upgrade – Restoring WSS 2.0 on SBS 2003:

A new RDP client on the download and WSUS sites Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0) provides a way to use any new Terminal Services features introduced in Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows Server Code Name “Longhorn” from a computer running Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1. So what is this and why […]

Houston … we have no backup….

11/29/2006 6:21 PM——————————-Date: 11/29/2006Time: 6:21 PMUser: Administrator——————————- Backup Runner started.Launching NTBackup: ntbackup.exe backup “@C:\Program Files\Microsoft Windows Small Business Server\Backup\Small Business Backup Script.bks” /d “SBS Backup created on 11/29/2006 at 6:21 PM” /v:yes /r:no /rs:no /hc:off /m normal /j “Small Business Server Backup Job” /l:s /f “G:\Backup Files\Small Business Server Backup (02).bkf” /UMNTBACKUP LOG FILE: C:\Documents […]

Upgrading to R2

So you have a SBS 2003 sp1 box and you just got your Action pack…. how do you update it?  Do you a.  Merely stick in the dvd and it will automagically update or b.  Drill down to the R2 parts and run the individual cdroms? The answer is b. These disks make up the […]

…well the redirect from to is still messed up and Network Solutions has the account tied to someone else and I need to fax over an change authorization to get it from their control to mine to ensure that the redirects are in place… .. and here I thought the account was on […]

The Action pack arrived

So my action pack for October (the replacement) finally arrived today and one of the things I wanted to check out for myself was the Action pack DVD.. as some folks had indicated problems with installing it… and I took my base install of SBS 2003 sp1 that I have in my virtual setup and […]