The real truth about the "Fresno" version

As strange as it may seem, “Fresno” doesn’t exist.  I’m not talking about the city in California which I can say unequivocally does exist since I’ve been there 🙂 but the “Windows Server appliance” that was recently referred to in a CRN article.   You might not think that another “product announcement” such as this one would be a big deal around here (since we make a number of them) but this particular kind of story actually amps a lot of people in my building (which is where Windows Server development lives) especially since after checking with various people in the know it was determined that “Fresno” simply doesn’t exist.  Apparently, the unnamed source’s information to the contrary is good enough so you likely won’t see a retraction. 

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The team has noticed a few press stories and blog postings speculating about an upcoming product based on Windows Server “Longhorn” called “Fresno.”   We’re not sure where the idea originated, but to set the record straight there is in fact no such Windows Server product in development.  For now, Fresno will simply remain the “raisin capital of the world.”     



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So I’m reading the blogs tonight and see this and just about absolutely fall out of my chair….

A little background on this “so-called” Code Name Fresno… you see it does not exist..well…. honestly… it doesn’t ….but you see… for me… it does.  The name “Fresno” is the name that I started calling the 15 user core Windows OS of SBS 2003…(must be a PDC, must hold FSMO roles, etc).  It’s the base and foundation of SBS.  If you end up buying it you usually have screwed up… I started calling that core OS as a joke….. FRESNO stands for  “For REally Small NetwOrks”.. you know Fresno… known enough as a name… but a hick town name….especially since Microsoft is known for picking vastly exotic places for their beta names… If someone came into the newsgroup saying they’d bought it, I’d say “Oh you bought the Fresno version”.  It was a funny way to keep the versions straight.

But I mean honestly… do you really and truly think that Microsoft would call a beta name “Fresno”…. oh how hillariously funny….I’m like OMYGOSH.. I can’t believe that my joke about the slang name for the core OS of the SBS server …. which is a joke about my own hometown got taken so seriously and so wrong.

I LIVE in Fresno… it’s my hometown… and I called that core OS the name of Fresno as a joke…..

I guess if you want to say the “first” mention of “Code name Fresno” is in a May 2005 post that I did.

E-Bitz – SBS MVP the Official Blog of the SBS “Diva” : The FRESNO version of SBS is obviously still alive:

(edit – the earliest post about “FRESNO” is actually this one – thanks Michael for pointing out the first post about it)

So I guess, Paula dear… since in a bizarre way… I’m your source…and if you’d googled you would have found there truly is no such code’s a real product available for purchase if you so desired to do so.  But it truly is a joke name that us SBS MVPs placed on the core OS of SBS. 

In the meantime, Fresno will remain not only the raisin capital of the world, but my home.

Oh how funny….that just tickles my funny bone…..that just totally made my night….

Whistler, Indigo, Longhorn, Vienna…..and….. uh… Fresno?  It’s almost like a game of which name doesn’t belong…..This still just tickles my funny bone….how funny is that or what?….. man my friends in Bakersfield will be p-o’d at me for this 🙂

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  1. That’s funny 😉 You should update the Wikipedia page and add a new section called “Myths and legends” or something…

  2. Actually, it appears your first mention of FRESNO is in January 2005:

    But that is funny. Thanks for a Saturday morning smile. 🙂

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