If you have a generic built in video card …even though you can run Vista on a box, you might find that you don’t get that… “That” is the Flip 3d feature.  I was loading up Vista from the TechNet Download only subscription and realized that I didn’t know how to activate ‘that’… that three dimensional window thing that gets oohs and ahhs… well it’s because the video card I have won’t support it….. good to know that Vista will still run…just not be as “pretty”.

So if you install it and you don’t get that view…. look at your video card…

One Thought on “Lesser video cards on Vista

  1. All of this fluff for Vista proves beyond doubt that anyone having to do telephone tech support with Vista is in for a harder time than they could ever imagine.

    The days of saying, “Got to start, run… click on…. open this….” will soon be, “click on the third window, 2 sections into your desktop, and bring it to the front….”

    I say again to Microsoft…. a few simple things:

    Stop wasting so much time and money on fluff and get the operating system solid so we can all get on with living rather than patching.

    Get the operating system packed into ONE UNIT. Unify the experience for everyone rather than creating the home and business editions. Makes purchasing easier, support easier, but hey, maybe it kills MS profits…..

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