<Update – Bobbie Harder has posted a status update> 

If you got a new update of IE 7 last night on WSUS and you go to install it… you’ll suddenly start speaking Spanish…. you aren’t alone… there’s more than one poster in the WSUS newsgroup reporting this.

From the WSUS newsgroup:

——– Original Message ——–
Subject:     IE7 Install issue from 11/21 updates
Date:     Wed, 22 Nov 2006 14:12:15 -0800
From:     Bobbie Harder (MSFT)
Newsgroups:     microsoft.public.windows.server.update_services

Hi Folks – We are investigating the cause of this issue with last nights’ published IE 7.0 package.  We can validate the issues reported and are in the midst of working on  a package revision and messaging on guidance on what needs to be done with clients.   Stand by and thank you!
Bobbie Harder
Program Manager, WSUS

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2 Thoughts on “IE7 on WSUS Se Habla

  1. Problem fixed – batch file avaialble to undo damage done:


  2. IE7 causes problems with various programs (legacy W9x and WXP) required by our school district, like they don’t run and teachers/staff/students aren’t ready for 7 and we can’t afford to train them.

    We’ve decided to not implement IE7 for a while, probably a year or 2 when folks will install IE7 at home and get used to it, and our educational program providers get their act together. Same with Vista since we cannot afford to replace with hardware that can run Vista. (I’ve tried Vista and it ran so slow the computer was unusable.)

    We have just implemented a new WSUS server on the school network and are about to carefully begin using it (but very carefully since many existing district servers are upgrades from WinNT to Win2k with only 4G on the boot drive and are low on disk space and can’t handle patches without deleting previous $NT update files).


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