Fixing when machines won’t patch

So while I’m waiting for Thanksgiving cooking to finish up… I’m doing what every self respecting geek would do…. and that is remoting in and doing all those clean up things..and one of the annoyances of relying soley on WSUS and MU for patching is that at times you will have a machine that just refuses to patch and in fact will show up in the SBSized WSUS console as being unable to be contacted.  What I’ve found so far is that the trick that seems to consistently work is to go to c:\windows\softwaredistribution and delete the contents of that folder and try it again. 

Update Name: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1 (KB 913090)

Update Type: Service Packs

Error Date: 11/23/2006 11:03:21 AM

Error Description: Error: Download failed.

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Method 10 on this page – tends to be the best fix I’ve found:

I am still seeing the issue (especially when Defender is installed) is that WU/MU will spike the CPU to 100% usage as it scans for MU.

This hotfix tends to help…;en-us;914810 but not 100% of the time.

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