So I’m calling Earthlink to change my MX record to point to so to pre-filter the email before it hits my Exchange Server and when they made the change they did it like…


…uh guys… that’s a “F” not a “S”….

..let’s try that again shall we…..

And now off to adjust ISA to only allow port 25 connections to and from that…

2 Thoughts on “That’s deFender with a "F"

  1. Garrett on November 28, 2006 at 3:48 pm said:

    Two things we’ve implemented that have really helped out are Sender ID and Custom Weighting. With the custom weight list in exchange sp2 we’ve been able to cut down our spam email from around 50 messages per day for some users to about 1. We’ve also blocked a number of international domains, and sites like which gives IMF a break.

  2. We mange own own dns at the registar’s, so one can screw it up.

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