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Debugging a bit of .NET

In our SBS world the addition of .NET 2.0 sometimes mangles our Remote Web Workplaces, Companywebs and what not… and the trick is to go into IIS, into the properties of the web sites and ensure that all the default SBS sites are on .net 1.1 and not 2.0. Down at friends for the New […]

3G versus Edge

Using the Sierra Wireless Aircard and when there is 3G connectivity you can tell that the speed is definitely faster (and as Chris Rue would say) would be sweeeeeetttt for Remote Web Workplace on the road.  Even Edge/GPRS isn’t that bad and certainly better than dial up. But so far.. I’ve hit “pockets” of 3Gism […]

New Year Belly Button Reflection

It’s time for that annual traditon of sitting down and belly button gazing.  And it’s a good idea for us all to look back while we plan forwrd.  Vlad’s done his.. and to be honest with you, I don’t think he needed to apologize for things said…. because at the end of the day…. I […]

The reminder of security

The other day the conversation came up about blank passwords on accounts in Win2k3 and XP and I made the point that in a default installed system, that a blank password on an account meant that it could not be remotely accessable from the Internet.  The argument can be made that if you could physically […]

The annoying blurb is less annoying

So I bought an upgrade to our Policy Patrol Disclaimer software for my office and the cool thing about it is that I don’t have to annoy people with the annoying tax signature all the time: Tax opinion disclaimer This email contains tax advice. Please note that additional tax issues may exist that could affect the […]

If your RWW is a little slow.. check your AD Guess that puts that old wives tale about how SBS can only have one server in the domain ‘eh? Granted they were offline and thus causing the issue with RWW…but 24 servers ‘eh?   

Using ISA to protect the SBS mail server just a smidge more….

The recent closure of the Open Relay Database as reported by points out how email and spam have changed over the years.  Once upon a time Open Relays abounded and was the main way that spam attacks were launched. Now spam comes and attacks us from various ways from spam bots to NDR attacks.  […]

Finally! Aircard 875 on Vista RTM

Okay so we’re a little less bleeding edge.. blogging from a Vista Tablet PC running a Sierra Aircard 875. The trick is this driver — Trick number 2 is to remove the Cingular connection manager and ONLY use the Sierra 3G watcher software.  That was the step I was missing.  I still had it […]

When you are a bleeding edger..

So per the Sierra Wireless folks… to get my Sierra 875 card working on my Vista (upgraded from XP sp2 to Vista RTM Acer tablet pc) all I need is just the Sierra software and this driver package: But so far it’s not working.  So tonight I’ll see if I can remove all Cingular […]

Using ISA to protect Exposed ports

As a FYI a blog post I did on how to use ISA 2004 to better close your SMTP connection to the outside world … especially when you are connnected to is up on the ISA server blog is the service that I use that prefilters, cleans and despams my firm’s email…. […]