I’m revisiting this post for a couple of reasons… one is that once I’ve “sucked” in the certificiate, I never get that pink warning again.  And secondly just a reminder that if you really and truly want to get rid of this issue without either telling the client “it’s okay” or manually installing the certificate is to set up your client with an external cert from a place like  Otherwise you will have to either install or inform.  That’s the “patch” here.  We demanded more security of our browsers and the playing field has changed… the self signed cert “could” be a scam and thus IE7 is doing what it should to. 

So… if you are looking for a patch…. bottom line you have to get that self signed cert installed.. or stop using self signed certs.

For a lot of folks with mobile phones, they’ve decided that having external certs is actually easier in the long run.. so it’s something to think about…

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