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If you want to keep an eye on the Consumer Electronics show in Vegas coming up in January… the CES blog is where you want to keep an eye one.. http://ces.blogs.com/ and then there’s the “other” CESblog site at http://cesblog.com/ and this one at http://www.cesbloggers.com/ but not to be confused with this one.. http://www.cesblogs.com/ 

Now that’s a bit confusing.. I can figure out which one is the official CES blog.. but the other blogs sites are “coattail” sites.  CESblogs.com looks to be the more professional as their “bloggers” tend to be more professional journalists (which, personally, I wouldn’t quite call Mary Jo Foley or Joe Wilcox a blogger… the “blog” format is their current medium, but they truly are journalists….and sometimes there is a difference. 

What’s the difference?  I would argue in the manner in which the posts are done… my perception anyway … is that they are less rumor and less buzz and more observant… but maybe that’s a naive view left over from too many viewings of “All the Presidents’ Men”.

CES looks to be an interesting place and they will be doing live webcasts again.

http://www.cesweb.org/attendees/conferences/default.asp check it out..

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