Strawberry plants…

The other day the idea of SBS as a “mother” strawberry plant came up in a conversation…. you go into a firm… you plant the base “mother” plant of SBS and suddenly these tendrils of baby plants (member servers, additional workstations in branch locations) start popping up.

Dexter did a pretty good job of describing the differences between SBS and Enterprise servers except for one thing… the strawberry plant impact.

He said “* When u r starting a new branch office…no way u can connect the two servers in the branches(as no domain trust).Eachserver must be connected individually to internet.”

When in reality.. you can, just not quite like Dexter thinks.. you just can’t have additional domains and the SBS box must be the PDC, but no one said that you couldn’t connect those servers in the branches back over that Internet to the SBS domain .. and the member servers certainly can be additional domain controllers, or terminal servers or member server over a persistent VPN connection back to the mother strawberry plant (aka the SBS box).  Not having the ability to have two different domains and do a domain trust hasn’t stopped our SBS servers from popping up additional servers. 

Where I see when SBS is wanted to be used and shouldn’t be, is when branch offices of larger company want to run SBS and connect back to their headquarters…that’s a setup that you cannot do.  SBS must be in the headquarters and be the “lead server” ..but where I see SBS used and it makes perfect sense is when SBS is the one in the main office and branch offices are connected back to it.  But certainly in the R2 era, you can have member servers with expanded cal rights to start your strawberry patch.

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