U.S. Department of Labor — OSBP — Poster Page:

This morning we changed out all 2005/2006 posters to their 2007 versions…and my goodness all the different notifications that are now required for US employers to have in a place so that all of your employees can see them.

The poster kit we got was from this web site http://www.personnelconcepts.com/ as it provides a laminated employer poster…. so … are you in compliance?  Do you have employee notification posters in a place at your office?  Do you know about all the notifications that may be needed?

P.S. Keep in mind that most of these notifications requirements have no penalties if you don’t comply with the notification requirement… which ..isn’t that a bit like the “tree in the forest” arguement?  If there is no teeth to the regulation…why should someone care about compliance with it if nothing bad happens to you if you don’t?


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