Some of the things you may encounter during the install of R2 that I call “sunspot” (1) impact:

1.  If companyweb (and RWW and anything else) that worked before and now doesn’t, make sure that the .net hasn’t been accidentally flipped to .2 version of .net versus the .1 version.

2.  During the install ensure you are using the built in administrator account (we call it the 500 account).

3.  After the install on rare occasion you might get an issue where WSUS isn’t working…check to see if you have an error message about “self update tree” not working and review this KB:
The Microsoft Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) SelfUpdate service does not send automatic updates:;EN-US;920659

(1) sunspot impact – flukes of nature that you just can’t explain….

2 Thoughts on “R2 odds and ends

  1. We never could get that new SBS R2 install from last week to work w/ WSUS after IE7 trickled down through Microsoft Update. I don’t know if anyone has a fix for that yet, but we’re going to probably nuke the box and re-pave it. I just need to remember to install the R2 bits w/ WSUS before the IE 7 ‘update’.

    -Tim Barrett

  2. Thanks Susan. We did two intalls of SBS r2 this past week and both had the same issue your describe as well as RWW not working. We determined that the system builder we buy from installed updates (including .net 2.0 and IE7 after putting the base install of Server 2003. When we installed the SBS components… well, there was a bright light….

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