So per the Sierra Wireless folks… to get my Sierra 875 card working on my Vista (upgraded from XP sp2 to Vista RTM Acer tablet pc) all I need is just the Sierra software and this driver package:

But so far it’s not working.  So tonight I’ll see if I can remove all Cingular software and see if that alone will fix the issue.

So far the SIM card works in the old card that I have – the Sony Ericsson, and when I put the new SIM in the new Sierra Aircard, that combo works in a XP sp2, but I can’t get it to work in my Vista upgraded Tablet PC (personally bought mind you, and if I even see another blog post about who did or didn’t get a free laptop I may scream …. the blogosphere community is acting ridiciously but Microsoft and the bloggers both (I think anyway) blew this one in their handling of this … I agree with Scoble that I would have put in the documentation a required disclosure blurb, but I digress).

Someone was asking the other day why should they upgrade to Vista… if XP sp2 was good enough… and I said… (Disclosure – All Vista versions I am currently using are test versions on hardware I have bought personally using the version that I personally purchased from TechNet Plus — there how’s that for disclosure?) based on the issues that I’ve been going through we’re still in the bleeding edge stage of deployment.  Case in point, I’m paying $60 a month for a card that should give me 3G speed but I’m having to use my older, slower card that doesn’t do 3G to even connect.  Nearly all of my key line of business software is practically beating me over the head and saying to wait.  

Is XP sp2 good enough for business?  I’d argue if you have it set up and not running with Adminstrator rights, it’s a very stable platform and right now, without administrative rights, good enough for a very stable and secure business operating system.  In fact, when I’m doing beta testing on 64bit stuff, I’m using XP 64bit and not Vista 64bit for my virtual host base.  What makes Vista more attractive is the home user aspect…there’s some parental control stuff that is cool. 

As has been blogged before, you will need for the time being to manually add your Vista to your domain, as the SBS /connectcomputer fix up patch won’t be out until around the real launch date. 

Quite frankly when is “my” real launch date for Vista?  Around June of 2007.  By then I hope that all my line of business stuff with have tweaks and patches for Vista, and my Trend antivirus will also support it. 

Until then….. welcome to the bleeding edge folks….

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