3G versus Edge

Using the Sierra Wireless Aircard and when there is 3G connectivity you can tell that the speed is definitely faster (and as Chris Rue would say) would be sweeeeeetttt for Remote Web Workplace on the road.  Even Edge/GPRS isn’t that bad and certainly better than dial up.

But so far.. I’ve hit “pockets” of 3Gism on this road trip and certainly it’s not as solid of 3G coverage as one would think traveling from Fresno to Bakerfield to Los Angeles to Anaheim (yes, going to Disneyland for the New Year…blogging will be light)

But if you have solid 3Gism… remoting will be very nice.

2 Thoughts on “3G versus Edge

  1. 3G Rocks….Down here in South Africa we pretty much have full GPRS coverage and most of the main centres have full 3G coverage…. I have been driving from Johannesburg to Cape Town doing 120km/h(About 55mph) connected to a customers server fixing a problem…3G and SBS is awesome.

  2. Wayne Vinkavich on January 2, 2007 at 8:18 pm said:

    What version of Cingular Communication Manager are you using? When I upgraded from 5.2 to 5.3.18 on my 860 AirCard it broke the ability to use RWW. Trouble shooted for hours with Cingular support, they finally recommended reinstall of 5.2. Would like to know if you or anyone else had a problem.

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