It’s time for that annual traditon of sitting down and belly button gazing.  And it’s a good idea for us all to look back while we plan forwrd. 

Vlad’s done his.. and to be honest with you, I don’t think he needed to apologize for things said…. because at the end of the day…. I feel that all of us (most of us) know that all this stuff isn’t a religion, it’s just about business. 

I think at the end of this year, as the new year begins, as new products come out, we all need to step back and look at the business side of things.

Because we can always solve the technology problems, I would argue… it’s the solutions needed for the business that need our attention. 

So start with your business.

Grab a sheet of paper. (hopefully grab your December 30th accounting program and pull up an end of the year to date balance sheet.  Now then, pencil out what your budget is for the coming year.  If you are savvy, you’ll project your budget by month.  Plan on your cash flows.  Plan your education budget for the year, plan on our sales targets, plan on your expense categories.

Now I want you to think about your future.  What’s your retirement plans like? If you are single shop…what are you doing to ensure that your retirement years are reasonably taken care of?  Are you spending on things that will give you value and revenue?

So do a bit of reflection… of planning… of thinking of where you want your business to be at in a year….plan for it….so that this time next year, it will be a reality.

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