Debugging a bit of .NET

In our SBS world the addition of .NET 2.0 sometimes mangles our Remote Web Workplaces, Companywebs and what not… and the trick is to go into IIS, into the properties of the web sites and ensure that all the default SBS sites are on .net 1.1 and not 2.0.

Down at friends for the New Year and we can’t get the XBox/Media Center extensions loaded up and I’m wondering if .NET 2.0 is messin’ with it.

I’ve found this blog post and this one and the .net sp1 won’t install…

And in searching I’m finding this KB and I had to laugh… that’s the first time I’ve seen in a KB article a link to a blog… that shows you, doesn’t it, how “authoritative” we are now when dealing with blogs, doesn’t it?  They are linked in KBs.

So now off to go clean up some .NETs.

(for the record I had to “reinstall” .net 2.0 in order to uninstall it, then I reinstalled .net 1.0 and .net 1.1.  Then I ensured that this value was in the registry, and that did the trick… just remember sometimes on .net …. it’s easier to pretend to reinstall it to get yourself in a position to uninstall it.

One Thought on “Debugging a bit of .NET

  1. Adam DePue [MSFT] on January 3, 2007 at 12:15 pm said:

    There shouldn’t be any reason that you should have to uninstall .net 2.0. There are some serious benefits to 2.0 and working through any issues to keep it on the box would seem like a good choice to me. Personally, I have moved all of my RWW, companyweb, everything over to .net 2.0 only…

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