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Online SBSummit – with Dana Epp

I thought you might be interested in the 2nd annual Microsoft Small Business Summit – a FREE online event designed to support the efforts and goals of small business. You’ll find more information about the Summit at Actually more like I thought you’d be interested to know that Dana Epp is speaking at the […]

Dr. Eileen’s tonic for what ails you Exchange Goddess Blogger Eileen Brown blogs the links to the old to new stuff… you know …the ribbon bar learning curve guidance. search terms that I’ll use in the future to find this… Eileen   Ribbon   Office 2007

GAAP does not set Patch Price policy

In addition to my SBSism, I’m also a Patchaholic and write on Patching issues for Brian Livingston’s WindowsSecrets newsletter… as such I always keep an eye out for Patching issues… which is why there’s a lot of patch related stuff in the blog as well… yeah …yeah….I know I used a flaming headline and cheap […]

Do you encrypt? Okay so you set up EFS… and then you moved a computer …say you joined a domain or something… are you totally and utterly …well… screwed now that the EFS certificate has gotten messed up…. not exactly… there’s a tool from PSS called “Reccerts” and you can check out the tools at  But […]

The ribbon the change the …. the yuck!

Ken… you are a definitely a geek. Mary Jo Foley proclaimed that us beancounters could care less about new technology… and to a certain extent she’s right.  But as was pointed out by the better half of this gentlemen…. Vista right now is more for the home user and enthusiast…. because once the boss […]

NOD32 Database 2022 BIG ISSUE

Hilton reports in the SBS2k listserve….  If you are running NOD32 with XMON enabled (the Exchange Server plugin)and have the 2022 update downloaded and running, then ExchangeInformation Store will fail. Disable XMON, restart Exchange, and waitfor an updated database. This issue has been reported to ESET.;EN-US;823166The fix is to ensure that you exclude additional log […]

Vista on SBS – time to read

As of this writing… which is .. I think… at 5:30 pacific time assuming my time zone and what not is correct…..the KB926505 that is the ‘patch’ to help Vista’s join the domain of SBS 2003 better isn’t yet live… …but parts are now being released… the first is the patch needed for ISA (and […]

Yeah yeah not another DST post… I know…

I got an email in my alternative address that hardly ever gets spammed by Microsoft…. that kinda tells me that they are sending smoke signals out on this issue to the far corners on this one ….   Now some folks I’ve talked to are just doing a “don’t bother me” about this issue… but I’m not convinced that […]

The Master Browser thingy… First off if you haven’t downloaded this and played with it… go… do …now. Follow the blog… Okay? In remoting in to check something in the office I learned a few things… 1.  Doing a netmon while RWW or VPNing means you get a “chatty” connection.  Not exactly the wisest thing to do when […]

An interesting view

If MiniMicrosoft wrote a Security blog…. this would be it: