That is a screen by screen view of a SBS 2003 sp1 box with IE 7 installed prior to the installation of R2.  As you can see the install “appears” to fail, but really it doesn’t.  All that happens is that the R2 install can’t patch IE 6 because IE 6 isn’t on the system.  Now then one can argue that IE 7 isn’t needed (not yet anyway) on a server that shouldn’t be surfing in the first place.. but the point is that regardless.. that an R2 install WILL complete successfully when IE 7 is installed as this KB documents:

Error message when you install Windows Internet Explorer 7 before you install Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2:

So far the issues we’ve seen when R2 is having issues installing is not IE7 related … it’s something deeper like messed up installer files, broadcom nics and other such weirdness….but merely installing IE 7 should not stop/break/cause failure of the R2 install process.

But this is a challenge to all those folks who say that IE 7 is blocking their R2 install…. Send me a screen shot of your server management console without the R2 installed and the log file at
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Integration\Windows Small Business Server 2003\Logs\R2_Setup.log

Test and confirm…because I’m not convinced that IE 7 is the cause of the failure of the install.

My ancestors come from Missouri the “Show me” state… you are just going to have to “show me” on this one, okay?

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