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The Home server

Watching the CES broadcast they talked about a “home server” offering and then blocked it out saying it was intellectual property…. I don’t think they had the funny video at CES block out … so I guess this was the “blocked event” of the evening?  But in surfing around the net I’ve found some links already…

Well I have a home server and yeah.. we’ve been saying for a long time that they need to take SBS and make a home server out of it….


  • #   Rob Nicholls on 01.08.07 at 1:01 am     

    Assuming this is “Quattro”, that I first saw mentioned by Paul Thurrott at the end of 2005, rumours were that it would be a cutdown version of Server 2003 R2 (rather than SBS R2), although I have seen a suggestion that it might be based on Longhorn (unlikely, IMHO). Hopefully we should see a beta of Home Server by the end of this month. Vista Home Premium is meant to support a domain-like home networking scheme through Quattro, so I hope it arrives sooner rather than later, in order to help friends decide whether to purchase Vista Home Premium or Ultimate.

  • #   Amy Babinchak on 01.08.07 at 3:44 pm     

    How did they keep this so quiet? Must be the best kept NDA ever. Either that or it’s still in the vaporware stage and was never TAP or BETA.