Sometimes Antivirus is the cause, not the cure

Sometimes antivirus can be the “cause” of problems and not the prevention of them…. case in point… if you suddenly find that you can’t get the daily monitoring emails check out Trend as a cause: and also review this post for some email issues that might occur

In another case a SBSer had NOD32 antivirus installed and it was apparently causing the server to reboot/freeze.

Ari in the newsgroups posted…

Do you have the workstation version of NOD32 installed AND have the
internet monitoring component active? If so, uninstall NOD32 (disabling
the active internet monitoring won’t fix things) and then reinstall it.
When it asks you about this component during the reinstall, don’t select
it. I think it’s AMON, from memory (not near the server tonight, sorry).
Reinstalling it won’t work unless you uninstall it first. This was
causing our twice weekly freeze+restarts.



One Thought on “Sometimes Antivirus is the cause, not the cure

  1. NOD32 when installed on servers should ALWAYS have IMON turned off, failure to do so results in these freezes and lock-outs. This is a known problem with Win servers and in all the documentation (FAQs etc).

    Most people never read these of course….

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