Can you run your business on the Licenses in Action pack?

My honest answer is?

No.  Not anymore.  Not that you aren’t allow to use Action pack for internal business use like in the past, but rather that from a “can” you run your internal business on the licenses you are legal for….the answer right now today is, no.  Why do I say that?  Because of this:

I feel for Eric (Mr. License) Ligman who’s been placed in the hot seat as the policies for Action pack come out.  He’s taking the heat when he shouldn’t have to.  I’d still prefer to see them in writing on the Action pack landing page and I hope these policies are discussed in the February web cast  But quite frankly I keep reading these policies and thinking to myself that a better understanding of the process of upgrading for business needs to be understood.

I’ll still go back to the “marketing phrase” that’s used on the MPAN web site that the Action pack is “A range of Microsoft desktop and server applications for running your practice“.  To the person making the policy for the Action pack… madam or sir… if you force us to upgrade at the end of our subscription year, the Action pack can’t be used to run our practice.  We have key line of business applications at the current time that will not run on Vista at this time and for at least six months.

Look at Paul’s comments as case in point… Mr. Lang is being turned into a software pirate as a result of this policy.  How’s that for rewarding someone trying to do the right thing? 

Yeah, Microsoft I know it’s your policy and all that…. but I’m a shareholder… albiet insignificant one and I think this is a policy that showcases a lack of understanding of business.  And you know what Allen?  My noggin is having a really hard time understanding that if this person making the policy understands the situation, they wouldn’t change it.  I can’t believe that Microsoft would want Paul to be forced to be illegal.  He’s their ambassador of “doing the right thing” that’s now being forced to do the wrong thing. 

Microsoft paid Yankee group for their research on why non pirated software is a good thing…..I still say forcing your partners to be software pirates isn’t.

Joe can give kudos for targeting small businesses with Vista and Office 2007, but I don’t think this policy is doing the right thing for Microsoft’s own partners.

One Thought on “Can you run your business on the Licenses in Action pack?

  1. R Dawson on January 23, 2007 at 2:04 pm said:

    I see no support in the licence contract for the interpretation that Ligman has posted to his blog.

    The terms of the Action Pack licence agreement (at least in Canada) provide that, so long as one pays the annual subscription fee, one may continue to use software received as part of the Action Pack, even if that software was delivered during an earlier subscription period and regardless of whether or not that software continues to be available through the current Action Pack subscription.

    While it is true that Microsoft is under no obligation to provide replacement media or licence keys for software once delivered under Action Pack but no longer available, that issue is irrelevant to usage rights under the licence agreement.

    (On an unrelated note, may I say how useful and interesting I find the SBSDIVA blog — I have been visiting it almost daily for years now.)

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