There’s an eula that you have to click YES to you know…

Monthly Microsoft Patch Hides Tricky IE 7 Download:,1895,2086423,00.asp?kc=EWEWEMNL012207EP29A

This is a tech author who can’t figure out that IE7 has been like that for months….and just say no when prompted?  Say no to the EULA?  Read what the screen is saying?

Does no one read?

The uninstall of IE 7 is  EXTREMELY easy and foolproof… and it completely comes off.

It’s like the other day on a podcast where one guy talking about Vista said that “he hadn’t used it much”…well then why am I listening to you for your opinion on Vista when you haven’t used it? 

Read.  Understand.

Mr. Pallatto… you weren’t tricked… you were asked…. you said “Yes”.  Please, everyone… read the screens that are being presented to you.

One Thought on “There’s an eula that you have to click YES to you know…

  1. What a lame website

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