Change of technology

So someone yesterday pinged me about recommendations for a cdrom/dvdrom tower for network attached connectivity of these resources to the network for a CPA firm.  Oh, no problem I said…we used to use one at the office but all/most of our subscriptions are now web based, so we don’t use it anymore… but we did use one quite nicely and it was a great unit.

The operative word being “Was”…..

Uh… okay..none of the sub pages work anymore….

In clicking around the site… it appears that they got sold, bought out…and their stuff isn’t being sold anymore..and Sun has sucked them up….

Okay…so that’s a ‘was’….so there’s this link…but I have no personal experience with them…..—okCFSgDYgodJA8uVQ

But it’s funny how only a few years ago we depended on that cdrom tower…and now we don’t….

2 Thoughts on “Change of technology

  1. Hi Susan…

    What we’ve done in the past is to use a software tool to create image files of CDs and then mount those images. This package ( allows you to have up to 23 virtual CD/DVD drives, which you can then share.


  2. Oh, forgot to mention, these were way faster than any CD tower I’ve seen.


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