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Reblogging for those who missed this… if you want to play with a smidge more monitoring…. here’s something to think about…

First read this post:

E-Bitz – SBS MVP the Official Blog of the SBS “Diva” : A little less security… a little more management – part two:

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And then… a couple of old threads in the smallbizit listserve…..courtesy of Jeff Kane of TechSoEasy….

So, I made myself curious after posting about the Health Monitor only
working on Servers… and I installed the monitoring AGENT on an XP
machine in my test network… and whadayaknow… it works like a charm (so far…
it’s only been up for about an hour). I’m unsure of the licensing
ramifications, but I am able to see a consolidated display of the entire
network which is pretty cool!
Yes, it’s an agent… essentially the opposite of a client. Just run
setup.exe from \HEALTHMON21\I386 on Disk 3 of SBS2K3. You have the choice of
installing the Console and/or the agent. You need the console AND agent on a
computer you are both monitoring and using to manage from (such as the SBS)
but only the agent for other computers.

Then just open the Health Monitor onthe server, and right click the domain
name to add additional computers.

The console has some pretty neat built in functionality… but, of course,
you could author it and add other snap-ins.

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