The KB for 927891 is now "live"

You receive an access violation when you try to install an update from Windows Update after you apply hotfix package 916089:

Just a FYI on this … this is the latest of the SVChost.exe patches…. and honestly.. I’ve not needed it on my SBS box at all…but needed it on my workstations.  So when you call in for the patch (and it’s a free call), ensure you get the XP one….

1-800-936-4900  (this is the USA ITpro number, your local MS number will work.. but it does need to be during “business hours”)
Press 2 for IT pro
Then 1 for Hotfixes
State you need KB 927891

And now that the KB is public… you should have much less issues calling for that fix.

If this process takes any longer than … say… 15 minutes…20 minutes tops…hang up and try again some other time.  When you know the EXACT KB article this process should not take hours on the phone…



One Thought on “The KB for 927891 is now "live"

  1. Hey Diva-thanks so much for the info regarding this hotfix. Between yours and Nick’s blog I was able to fix this headache that’s been baffling me for over a week.

    You rock!

    Happy Groundhog Day! 😉

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