Copying this disc is unlawful and just plain not nice

So I ordered Mark Minasi’s Supporting Windows Vista Audio CDroms… since I’m going into SBSPodcast withdrawals over here…. and printed on the label is the following:

“Copying this disc is unlawful and just plain not nice”

Yes sir, Mr. Minasi… you are indeed spot on … it isn’t nice at all… and thank you for reminding all of us in a nice polite way to not blowing off intellectual rights and properties.  It isn’t nice and we shouldn’t be so free to blow off the eulas and what not ….should we?

A nice reminder that we should all remember it’s not nice.

(and after I burned in the audio to the Zune…which Mr. Minasi did say was okay… I had to enter in the “name” of the album artist into the Zune album database….the Zune guys are probably going… who is this new artist in our database?  Some alternative artist called… Minasi?)

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