Mary Jo says… “Accounting software isn’t something that will make use of the fancy Aero graphics that are part of Vista. And like lawyers, accountants don’t strike me as folks who strive to be on the cutting edge of technology.”

No Mary Jo but we need to be on the cutting edge of security… and THAT’s what Quickbooks 2007 finally does for us.  And it’s about time that we as an industry and you as taxpayers that depend on Accountants start standing up and demanding that our Accounting software means SECURE software…. and Mary… that Quickbooks 2007 running without admin rights is the start.  It’s the shot across the bow for my industry to wake up and start demanding secure software, software that is reviewed for appropriate handling of Social Security numbers.. for proper protection of our clients personal identity information, for all the right things we should be doing both in our packaged software and our Web 2.0 stuff that we are using on the web.

No, Mary, my accounting profession doesn’t have to care about the fancy graphics… but the goodness of supporting non administrator rights is something we SHOULD care about.  The Quickbooks 2007 version is a fantastic thing… Vista or no Vista.

To you it’s a Vista upgrade.. to me… it’s the tipping point of non administrator rights to being the new normla.  Quickbooks no longer is the “non admin” punching bag of the software industry (even Mark Minasi referred to it in his audio set). 

Well guess what…. now they are the example of a vendor doing the right thing.

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