SBA and MOA on SBS 2003

Download details: Small Business Accounting 2006 Document: Installing and Configuring Small Business Accounting 2006 and Office Accounting 2007 on Windows Small Business Server 2003:

Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 is a comprehensive financial management program that helps small business owners and office managers handle the financial needs of their business using software that has the look and feel of Microsoft Office and offers great integration with other Microsoft Office programs. It can be installed on a standalone computer, or on a peer-to-peer network environment for multiple users. If you centralize the database to run on Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003, multiple people can use Small Business Accounting 24×7, they can remotely access Small Business Accounting, and backups are performed automatically. To properly configure Small Business Accounting 2006 to run on a Windows Small Business Server 2003 network, follow the steps in this document.


(and bonus points to the reader that understood the topic merely from the Title of the post….)

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