Does Search still Search in WSS 3.0?

While Chad is blogging about Sharepoint.. know this… that search isn’t as “broken” as the white paper leads one to believe… Search on SBS 2003 Standard works… and I “think” it’s merely when you put side by side Companyweb on SQL 2000 and WSS 3.0 on SQL 2005 express that the children on the playground stop playing together.

I think based on postings I’ve seen in the newsgroup that if you have SQL 2005 workgroup on Companyweb, WSS 3.0’s search will still work too…

Anyone else confirm this?

One Thought on “Does Search still Search in WSS 3.0?

  1. I would really like to know if WSS 3.0 and SQL 2005 workgroup on Companyweb search will still work. Has any one tried and succeeded?

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