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So what is a SBS box possibly doing in a “unconference” like that? looks to be an interesting tech get together and I will be in Chicago on August 22 for a CPA event…hmmmm ….wonder if I can swing both.. hmmmm…. but regardless that looks to be an interesting un-conference.

Death by powerpoint is getting so old and stale and BarCamp showcases this:  Keep your PowerPoints to a minimum or better yet don’t use any. Amen on that one!

BarCamp is an Unconference

BarCamps are typically referred to as unconferences. Unconferences, according to Wikipedia, are conferences where the content of sessions is driven and created by the participants, generally day‑by-day during the course of the event, rather than by a single organizer, or small group of organizers, in advance

While many people will stay in area motels, tent camping will be available at the location. However, activities and competitions will run through the night so sleep for some BarCamp participants will not be an issue.


Hmmm… Wonder if the tents come with room service? 

2 Thoughts on “BarCamp USA

  1. Personally I think it’s fantastic. It will be great to hear from the SBS crowd and as there are a lot of SME ceo’s/managers at the event I’m sure you’ll get a great response from people who want to know about an ‘easy’ way to implement a network/server solution for their companies.

    If anyone else from the SBS community wants to attend/speak email me as we already have microsoft commiting to sponsor at the event so if there are enough of you ‘m sure they’ll make the extra effort to throw some pr money into your involvement and facilities.

    Dean Collins

  2. I don’t see it on the list of technologies.

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