Set up the Vista laptop this weekend and after I did my ‘thing’ of joining it to the home domain, Sister only was impacted by two UAC prompts.  One to install her Disney screensaver, the other to install her Disney Dashboard.

The Screensaver installed like a champ, the Dashboard needed a bit of help and had to “run as XP sp2”, and the printer’s main functions are still functioning….. it can print and read the media cards.  Some of the other HP software only features we’re waiting on …like the HP specific scan to word, or scan to email but those software pieces aren’t a priority item so it’s not a major item.

Her take on UAC?

No problem.  She understood exactly what it was doing when she’d get those prompts. 

Vista is in the house (and the Disney screensaver does look really cool)

One Thought on “Two UAC prompts

  1. UAC prompts are ok as long as you’re just using the computer. UAC prompts get annoying if you try administer the machine.

    Starting the Device Manager to make sure everything installed? Prompt
    Manage user accounts? Prompt
    Computer Management? Prompt
    Installing Firefox? Prompt
    Installing anything else? Prompt

    UAC without a grace period is a feature begging to be turned off.

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