If the Caveman would have been in charge…

Technology should be so easy that even the Caveman … who obviously has a big screen tv and must have Windows Media edition… can handle it.  This DST patch issue proved, that it is not easy at all.

And if the Caveman was in charge of the DST issue .. I think he’d put together a cdrom that would allow one to burn in all… and I do mean ALL the DST patches we need after this DST mess is over.


“The challenges we have had have largely been with people’s understanding of what they should do when. Many customers also found out later that they had other products installed that they may not have been aware of, and this then meant that they had not followed Microsoft’s guidance correctly, or were not aware that we had refined our guidance,” Sweatt said.

Yeah uh huh Mr. Sweatt..my issues are not being aware that you’ve refined your guidance… let’s see… how many times that guidance changed. like we’re on revision 13 of this KB http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928388
http://support.microsoft.com/dst2007 that page was redesigned three times
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/926666 on revision 12.4
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/931667 12 versions of that one…
Not to mention the other revised documents and what not… the http://www.patchmanagement.org/ listserves have been nothing but DST the last few weeks.

And we just have a new one on Sharepoint today that is out on the download site but I don’t see on WSUS or MU…..

And most of these DST patches requires the SBS box to be on SBS 2003 sp1 …yet if you try to order the cdrom of that bundle so you can also get ISA 2004, you get notified that the disks for SP1 have been discontinued (as a SBSer pinged me about today)….. kewl huh!

Oh and let’s not forget KB930879 that alone has 19 revisions… Mr. Sweatt, how in the world can any SBS DIYer …you know..the one you market this product too….aka the “Caveman” keep up with 13+12.4+12+19 revisions for a total of 68.4 revs to the documentation?


loadTOCNode(2, ‘moreinformation’);

Version Date Change
1.0 11-Jan-2007 Original version
2.0 12-Jan-2007 Editorial changes
3.0 07-Feb-2007 Complete article rewrite
3.1 08-Feb-2007 Updated download center URL
3.2 08-Feb-2007 Editorial changes
4.0 09-Feb-2007 Added new information about conference room conflicts
4.1 12-Feb-2007 Added Exchange 2003 Enterprise Edition to “Applies to” section
4.2 12-Feb-2007 Corrected typographical error
4.3 12-Feb-2007 Corrected step number in note
5.0 13-Feb-2007 Added virtual machine information in the “How to install the Exchange tool” section
6.0 15-Feb-2007 Rewrite of “Reminders appear later than expected” section
7.0 15-Feb-2007 Added download information for the Virtual Machine for Microsoft Exchange Calendar Update Tool package
8.0 16-Feb-2007 Added information about the Exchange System Management tools in the “What to do before you run the Exchange tool” section
8.1 19-Feb-2007 Corrected file name in the “How to run Msextmzcfg.exe” section
8.2 20-Feb-2007 Added space between User_Name and File_Name in the “Grant Mailbox Permission” script section
9.0 20-Feb-2007 Rewrite of article
10.0 20-Feb-2007 Internal metadata updates
10.1 20-Feb-2007 Corrected typographical error
10.2 20-Feb-2007 Corrected typographical error
10.3 20-Feb-2007 Corrected typographical error
10.4 21-Feb-2007 Corrected typographical error
11.0 22-Feb-2007 Added information about version 2 of the Exchange tool
11.1 22-Feb-2007 Corrected typographical error
11.2 23-Feb-2007 Added table to indicate article revisions
12.0 26-Feb-2007 Added information about event log space and added information about error messages and resolutions to those errors
13.0 27-Feb-2007 Removed download URL for virtual machine information and added cross-reference to 933185
14.0 28-Feb-2007 In the “Known Issues” section, changed text in first bullet to include KB926666
15.0 27-Feb-2007 Added virtual machine information
16.0 28-Feb-2007 Added information about the the latest hotfix for the Time Zone Data Update Tool for Microsoft Office Outlook (Tzmove.exe) to the “For direct booking” section. Added cross-reference to 933146
16.1 28-Feb-2007 Corrected table tags
17.0 01-Mar-2007 Removed Exchange Server 5.5 information

18.0 08-Mar-2007 Added information about the “HRTestMailboxAccess” error message


That’s prob my favorite… “At this time there are no unique SBS updates“… okay that part is true we use the normal patch parts… but I think it’s misleading to say “no update needed” and “there may be updates required“…. no …there ARE updates required.

My advice…stick with the SBS blog as the TRUE guidance for us Cavemen (or women) out here.

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