So far so good.. but in fairness I haven’t applied the stadmin script to Sharepoint..but Owen said about the latest Sharepoint patch….

Tip: After running the .MSP I followed the KB, doing a copy|paste of each of the following 
to a command prompt:

cd /d %programfiles%\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\60\BIN

This worked.

stsadm.exe -o tzmove -name DST2007 -update before -date 20070201

(The date is what I found in Add or Remove Pgms on my server.)

This produced Command Line Error and a listing of stsadm operations, which did not include
tsmove. However, the stsadm.exe file date was correct and stsadm -help tzmove does
produced relevant output. So, OK, a help text glitch.

The output from -help tzmove matched the syntax in the KB, except dst2007 was lower case.
I retried the command with that change. Still got Command Line Error.

Turns out there must be an non-space non-printing character in the second command.
When I entered it by hand, it worked.

By the way: Running the .MSP appears to perform a Sharepoint 2.0 reinstall without
asking for confirmation. When it finished, all the IIS sites had been stopped and
they were left stopped. No problem restarting them and Companyweb looked to be
intact based on a cursory check.

— Owen

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