Is SP2 supported on SBS?

Yes.  Mothership Los Colinas, the Microsoft support team that backs up SBS located in Las Colinas, Texas that I call Mothership Texas confirms it as well.

The next question I get is “Will in break anything”.  Per Nick who’s already run two test servers through the process, no. As always have a good backup.

Also Nick tried installing SP2 over the top of IE7 as the release notes say to uninstall IE7 first before installing SP2 and we/he wanted to check as to the issues that occur if you don’t. He didn’t see any issues in installing in this manner over the top but we’re checking to be sure.

If you installed Internet Explorer 7 after installing Windows Server
2003 SP1, you must uninstall Internet Explorer 7 before you install
Windows Server 2003 SP2.

And put in your favorites or better yet in your RSS feed.  All SBSers, and all SBS consultants should read that blog. 


3 Thoughts on “Is SP2 supported on SBS?

  1. Hi Susan,

    We’re contacting the SP2 PM about the IE7 quiestion. I will keep it update here.



  2. Here’s the update:

    If you’re not in the scenario described in KB 932600, or you’re not upgrading an Eval Win 2003 to SP2, you do not need to uninstall IE7.

    In other words, just load it in your production environment, and everything will be fine. 🙂

  3. I installed W2K3 SP2 on a SBS Premium. This particulate server is running an FTP site for thin clients. Information about the FTP site is passed to the thin clients by DHCP server. Thin Client could not access the FTP site after the installation. We could not find any reasonable explanation. This was preventing 120 users in a 40 device network from doing their job. We also noticed a slowdown of the network and had problems accessing the terminal server (slow logon) trough RDP on PCs. We therefore had to uninstall W2K3 SP2. A server restart and the problem was resolved. Anny suggestions?

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