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Rapid customer adoption of Windows Server 2003 SP2 continues.  In less than a week since release there were more than 400,000 successful downloads!  Interesting that some have commented that we “quietly” released SP2.  The trade press have certainly covered it, since November when we broadly publicized the Release Candidate and product details, and at launch last week. At last count there were several dozen news stories about SP2 over the last week, and many blog posts.  SP2 also required less advance education compared to SP1 or XP SP2, because (by design) it is generally much easier for customers to “consume.”

Dear Joel.  I’m sorry … I don’t meant to be mad at you but instead mad at whomever stuck SP2 on Windows update.

That “rapid customer adoption” is because you guys stuck it up there on Patch Tuesday without giving us notice.

400,000 downloads and how many SBS boxes that customers now have to pay their var/vap to clean up the gotchas? and see the issues there.  Help and Support.  ISA server.  Broadcom nics again.  SP2 can’t get installed period that I just blogged about.

The trade press, the Microsoft update blog, the WSUS blog, no one said that it was coming out on Patch Tuesday after DST.  Where on the Release candidate page last November did you tell me that you were going to release this in March on a Patch Tuesday?  Show me.

Easier for customers to consume?  You go patch a SBS box and cross your fingers and see if Help and Support survives the journey will ya?  Try charging a customer for a patch that doesn’t work.  You go charge a customer for googling up why you can’t get it installed, why you helpsvc doesn’t work, why DHCP isn’t working.  Granted this isn’t all the cases, and many do get SP2 installed just fine, but man, I have still way too many pings and dead body reports that I’m rounding up.

And for the record that Windows Server blog only had blog posts after it hit the download site.  It was up on Microsoft update on MY server way before it was blogged.  I even asked in the listserve if it RTM’d and there was confusion there if it RTM’d.

I don’t mean to be shooting the messenger Joel, but sorry, I greatly disagree here.  We ITpros didn’t have the heads up we needed for that to come offered up on Patch Tuesday.  That’s the MSRC’s day and should be reserved for their patches and theirs alone.  Service pack 2 could have been released on that day but it didn’t have to be on Microsoft Update on that day. I’m sorry, Joel, you didn’t tell us, your customers like you should have.

I apologize for this ranty post but you just hit a nerve.

(edit and added these links)

Thomas Shinder Blog » Blog Archive » WARNING! Windows Server 2003 SP2 May Destroy Your ISA Firewall without Warning:

You cannot host TCP connections when Receive Side Scaling is enabled in Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 2:;EN-US;927695

That may be 400,000 downloads, but that’s not 400,000 successful installs.

2 Thoughts on “SP2 Unleashed – back at ya

  1. Kevin on March 23, 2007 at 5:02 pm said:

    I got the message on a windows upate on my SBS2003 R1 box that SP2 for Windows 2003 was a high priority update and available.

    I ran this and now my server keeps rebooting. Something got broken, I don’t know what. The server had been running pretty flawlessly for 3+ years.

    I’ve tried hitting F8 and rebooting with Last Known and all the other options. But nothing stops the rebooting.

    Do you have any ideas what I can do or try?

    This is the first update in 3 + years that has caused me any trouble.


  2. Javier on March 23, 2007 at 9:46 pm said:

    Problems here too. Have SBS 2003 premium with DHCP broken after update
    Is there a secret microfoft fix for this service pack?

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